The Society of Undergraduate Anthropologists Mission Statement:
The Society of Undergraduate Anthropologists (S.U.A.)  creates an environment for students to explore personal interests in the discipline Anthropology and its interdisciplinary connections at UNC Chapel Hill. The inclusivity of S.U.A. designates to bring together Anthropology majors, minors, and anyone with an interest in the subject from this centered interest of study. The organization aims to provide its members with resources and services that enable said students to explore the discipline of anthropology on our campus and beyond, including events that expose students the many opportunities Anthropology may offer them. S.U.A. sets out to facilitate the integration of undergraduate, graduate, and faculty anthropologists with the life of the department, and through invited speakers, student-led committees, and workshop events, S.U.A. seeks to become a collective resource for students of anthropology as they pursue their studies at UNC, and as they build their careers after graduation. 

A statement from S.U.A. Founder, Portia Polk:
In Fall 2012, Schara Brooks and I were looking for a relevant and sustainable way to leave our Heelprint before graduation. We participated in student organizations, but we wanted something related to our Anthropology major. On campus we noticed a lack of student representation in the department of Anthropology, and after conversations with Rudolf Colloredo-Mansfeld and Townsend Middleton, we learned a student-led anthropology organization existed — without active members or consistent meetings. Shchara and I viewed the opportunity to create something new from these fragments. In Spring 2013, Chuchitra Thanigaivasan, Morgan Welch, Schara Brooks and I created an informal anthropology club with a rudimentary constitution. We established Townsend Middleton, a professor in the Anthropology Department, as our faculty advisor, and held our first meeting on March 28, 2013. By Fall 2013 the University of North Carolina officially recognized S.U.A. a student organization on campus.
Our first executive board members were Portia Polk, President; Morgan Welch, Vice President; George Barrett and Kierra Peak; Event Coordinators; Schara Brooks, Publicity Chair; and Chuchitra Thanigaivasan, Treasurer.